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    Originally posted by bmf
    Originally posted by R12rules
    I have personally removed ALL my hoses valve core depressors. Maybe one or two hoses still have one.

    I have no use for them.
    I use those brass check valves which screw onto the ends of the hoses. That way I can recover the charge from the hi side into the lo side when I am getting off a system.

    A lot of guys dont bledd off from hi to lo and lose that amount of refrigerant.

    (just running my posts up)
    i do this also but i still have my depressers in
    I ran a test on passing gas.

    First I passed gas into a system with the cores and then without the cores.

    Guess what?
    The cores slow the gas down going thru the charging hoses!
    Well duh!

    So now, I carry a pair of those $40 brass valve core removal tools and my hoses dont no mo have those valve core depressors in the ends!
    In place of the built in depressors, I use those brass accessory valve core depressors with the built in check valve.
    I dont lose no mo charge.
    I dont burn no mo fingers.
    And I dont pollute the environment thru the passing of gas.
    Well .... except for when .... (I pass the gas)...

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    Hey R-12 you working yet?


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    If it has an oil separator the float in the separator is probably stuck open. I just replaced one with this problem only two weeks ago. At defrost pump down, compressor could only pull down to about 8 p.s.i. but as soon as I front seated compressor suction service valve there was no problem pumping down the compressor itself.

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    I used to be like you. No use for core depressors. But I am in HVAC now, and those damn units do not come with access service valves, just schrader ports. I hate them. But I am like you. Still no depressors, I use the brass checks. [/B][/QUOTE]

    Moving up in the game ehhh????
    Do it right the first time.

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