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    Proper way to run gas line into fireplace?

    We bought a 1950s house and the prior owner installed his own gas line so that he could start a fire to get a wood fire going. He drilled thru the bottom of the firebox to run the line instead of bringing the gas line thru the brick fireplace from the side.

    Can this gas line be converted to supply a Heat N Glo vented fireplace?

    When we bought the house, the home inspector said putting the gas line thru the firebox was not to code.

    What is the safe way to fix this?

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    1950's... so you probably have as full masonry fireplace, all brick with clay flue tiles and a brick chimney on the outside?

    I have seen gaslines come in thru the bottom and have not heard of anything being wrong, or against code, with it. If you want to install a gas insert inside the masonry box the gasline should be fine as long as it was installed properly, unless it gets in the way of the insert.

    You should have a fireplace dealer come take a look and do an estimate, any good dealer will be able to repair the gasline for you, as part of an insert install, if it was not done properly.

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    HI, I think that is right, brick chimney on outside and all

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