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    I went to work on a rooftop AC on a moter home today.
    It lost its charge,found the leak fixed it.Vacumed it out and was ready to charge it.I thought it was a R12 system I looked at the plate it said it was R22.
    It is a very simple setup Its a hemetic sealed compresser the kind you would see in a refrigerator runs on 120 volts ac.Its a capillary tube setup.
    My problem is I dont have any R22 and dont want to go to the big exspence of buying a 30lb jug of it.
    Just wondering what would happen if i charged it with R12 which i do have plenty of that.
    Or mabey one of you guys know of something else I can use?

    It holds 20 OZ of R22
    What can I do If I have to I guess I will get some R22
    What would do?

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    I sure wouldn't put 12 in it...liquid gold...

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    The lowest price gas on the market is currently R22, that's what you need
    try R12 and wind up eating the job

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