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    I have been out of HVAC school (UTI in Glendale Heights, IL) for over a year now. When I started the school the promised to find me job....well I must say that they failed to tell me, that as soon as my one year course was over they would CLOSE the HVAC program!!! The on hands experience that I received at UTI was all excellent and I do have cirtification, although I can't find anyone to hire me without any on the job experience. How can you find a apprentice job or helper job without on the job experience??? I am willing to work....even just to learn with someone that is in the field!!!
    I have gone on many job interviews for helpers .... but nothing!!! At this point I very disappointed, I really like to work with my hands and am willing to work hard if someone would just give me a chance!!!

    I am 25 years old and live in Wheeling, IL willing to travel, can be reached at (847)561-0646 Thanks

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    Just a suggestion, check with the UA local (pipefitters union). They may be able to help you with a position as an apprentice plus they have a good HVAC tech training program.
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    Want to Relocate?

    Please check out my HVAC TECHNICIAN NEEDED ad, I just posted it.... Just out of Trade School.... Would be Perfect... Please read ad if your interested give a Call... If you do not want to relocate to California, Good Luck finding a job.... Posting this ad was the first step.... Take care, Michele

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