I live in a new house with a new 5 ton Trane 12 seer elect. heating and a/c unit. The inside a/c unit located in the garage keeps leaking water although the drain line is clear. The inside of the unit appears to be sweating profusely. The A/C co. has been out numerous times and keeps insulating everything, including the cover plates and any gaps in the unit and has also replaced the coil unit, however, the problem persists. The upper inside plate when removed is covered in condensation and the copper tubing exiting the inside unit also is condensing and leaking down the outside of the unit. The A/C co. seems unable to find the problem and I'm not sure what steps I should take to insure that the problem is fixed properly. They keep coming out and putting more insulation on everything and saying that the unit is running fine....however, I still have a water problem, and I'm concerned about mold. The year warranty on labor and parts will be up soon and the problem remains unsolved. Any advice?