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    Just finished a conversion from 12 to 134a on a Mcquay PEH085 the other day, this one was dropped in my lap by another tech that quit mid-job. He had done an excellent job, but the customer was extremely upset about the time it was taking to finish the job. Of course i didn't care, i was going to do it right, or quit myself. There were a few leaks to fix, and loose ends to tie up, and it ran famously when finished.

    The whole time i was there, i kept feeling like this really wasn't worth the effort i was putting out, having to drive 150 miles one way to get there and home every evening.

    I have several friends that do residential work and drag home the same money weekly as i do, the comparison to stress is nowhere near what we see on a daily basis.

    Just last week we recieved the vibration analysis on a CVHF at another facility we take care of, showing a bearing inspection be done immediatly. My boss has ordered me to start this next week, I really dont want another open chiller to contend with this summer. The other two chillers at this location will not keep up with demand, and it's right back to "when will it run?".

    As much as i hate it, i'm leaning heavily towards parking my brain, putting on my dog chaps, getting out the wasp spray, and doing residential work. Anybody else get these feelings?

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    I do both, they each have their plus and minus.
    I prefer commercial myself.
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    No hot attics, no collecting COD, commercial only for me.
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    You would be doing a dis-favor to the commercial field going back to residential. Another quality commercial tech gone? Not good.

    Why would you think residential would be easier on the brain?

    I would think you would get more aggravation in the residential side of the buisness.

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    A real man doe's both...uh we go...

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    Originally posted by senior tech
    A real man doe's both...uh we go...

    Im trying to think of a good comeback to that.

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    This obviously seems to be a bad decision on my part, but i'm just so tired of the agrevation of being kicked around like a subway dog. Especially the process work we do, You would think the world would come to an end if their line was down for a day. This is probobly due in part to my being the only chiller mechanic they have, since the other guy quit, at least with him, there was one more butt to chew out there.

    I dont mind the work, it's the stress that is eating me, my wife suffer's for it(not that i mind)and time off seems of little use too.

    I started in residential work, some 30 years ago, and know what to expect. I would have never left, if the money had been the same. I feel there is nothing in the residential field that would challenge me, having seen just about everything, and being as good as anyone when it comes to DX.

    The main problem i find when "feeling out" these companies, is there resistance to hire someone with a huge amount of experience. I talked to a service manager the other day, that flat told me he would not hire me because i would take his job. So i'm dealing with that too.

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    Originally posted by no8no3

    I dont mind the work, it's the stress that is eating me, my wife suffer's for it(not that i mind)and time off seems of little use too.
    Why the harsh statement about the wife if you dont mind me asking?
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    Yo.... Here!, I'm right here..

    We do both but I prefer commercial

    Did you say a 150 miles one way ??
    thats insane, there's your stress, thats almost 6 hours driving time in a day. I'm sure you get compensated well for this, I wouldn't do it unless I were.

    Company credit card, charge meals, getting paid to be away from home not bad.

    Getting away from the old lady for a couple days

    ----------- Priceless

    Hell she'd probably say the same

    Don't have to cook or clean, get his check when he gets home with all that o.t. not too shopping er I mean shabby

    Not having to put up with the old man for a couple days.


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    The dig on my wife was merely a joke, i think. as far as the driving thing goes, we are under local agreement (not signed by me) that driving time is paid as regular time, and not ever as overtime. Seems the construction guy's were not getting there benefit's when being paid for OT. I dont know how they got this in the contract, but it's there. Yet another good reason to bug out.

    Almost forgot the good part....since they use the union hall as a basis for a starting point, travel is paid from there using map quest as a reference. From this point, they allow us only two hours each way. I happen to live almost 50 miles from the hall. Plus we have to give up 30 minutes a day both ways from the hall. The guy's in other shops, not under the national agreement, charge from the house and back!

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    We all get stressed now and again..but put it in perspective.
    Do we have to make life or death decisions?..not likely, do we have crackheads shooting at us.. hope not.. are we Marines manning checkpoints in Iraq? Now this is stress. You are most likely making more money than these pinheads who are giving you grief. So smile and nod alot and remember all other trades are "semi-skilled" jmho
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    3 months ago, i went back to residential, actually about 80% res, 20% com. i should have come back long ago. yes attics are hot, but so are black rubber roofs. now at the end of the day i am a few miles from home, not 150. my longest ride is 30 miles, and i do that about once every 3 weeks. pay and bennies are the same. when i was younger i thought how great it must be to work for one of the big companies covering a lot of area. well its not all its cracked up to be. i would rather work than ride.
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    Your union contract should be considered a minimum your employer has to pay you. If you are confident in your abilities you should demand more. I had your deal for 7 years. My clock started when I left the house and ended when I was done for the day. If I travelled and did not stay over I was paid OT after 8 hours. If I travelled say 2 hours one way, worked for 8 hours and then travelled 2 hours back home I received 4 hours OT. If you too, are doing chiller work, especially process machines your skill set is in demand and you should be compensated accordingly. When I was working out of town I usually got all my hours in with some overtime and was back home every thursday evening. The long weekends spent home with my wife and family made the week away from home worthwile. Hope this helps.

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