Hey Hyde I will give you two lies right off the top of my head.

First his assertion that President Bush allowed and authorized a flight of Saudis some wanted in questioning with 9/11 to fly out of the country before other commercial flights. That has been proved a pure bald faced lie by the 9/11 commission and even Richard Clarke who is the one that authorized the flight. The flight did not leave until regular commercial air traffic was resumed.

Second that the Bushes have received Billions of dollars from the Saudis. It is true several different companies that both the current and former president Bush work for or consulted for had dealings worth Billions of dollars over many years. That is not a hard thing to do when dealing with oil and construction. What is also true is that when the bulk of those deals were being made neither of the residents were directly associated with any of these companies. In fact there is an even stronger tie to many in the Clinton administration with the Saudis and these companies.

So go on Hyde bring up specifics that you think are true it will be easy to prove them wrong.

The president has made mistakes in judgment and policy concerning Iraq but none have been intentional or due to some hidden agenda. This have been because the militant minority in Iraq and outsiders do not want for peace or democracy to succeed in the middle east.