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    You need to jumper the number 51 pins on the board, That will bypass the TD. Dont forget to remove the jumper or the chiller will short cycle.
    Originally posted by shovelhead
    It's been a long time since I've worked on the Millenium Panel, but can't the anti-recycle timer be bypassed by using the jumper on the lower right hand side of the board. If I remember theirs a label designating the pins to jump.

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    Crazy Eddie, I had the same symptoms last month. Pulled the oil pump and key on motor all rounded off and keyway wallowed out. It sounded like it was grinding rocks. Depends on where/how the key is situated whether it makes noise or not. Pull the pump and check it out.

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    Look at oil temp, too

    I usually see around 45 PSID with just the oil pump on. but I don't have the exact same style of YT compressor. Oil heater on? Usually a separate fuse. We put the AMOT or minimum oil temp valve on three of the five YT's I take care of. See if the change in oil pump noise coincides with the purge tank fill solenoid opening.

    I pulled a York oil pump for no reason other than a horrible noise once and there wasn't a thing wrong with it.
    Try changing out the oil filter if you haven't already.
    Watch the oil pressure when you start. If you've got good pressure when you first wind up and then it goes away after a few minutes, look for excess liquid refrigerant getting back to the sump somehow.

    Another theory I've heard of is run the oil pump for 10 minutes or so just before you start and see if that changes anything.

    I've been speaking McQuay all week so my Yorkese may be a little slow. Good luck.

    Let us all know how this one turns out.
    God Bless our Veterans

    God Bless the USA

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    It's very common for a York to act like that. It typically happens when there are parallel chillers and one of them is already running. Whether it's from system depression or the crossover solenoid or the purge filling. You can extend the prelube to avoid the problem of it tripping on low oil. Sometimes people will add a time delay to the circuit on older panels. There is also a jumper you can cut to extend the pre and post lube times.

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    Originally posted by CrazyEddie
    RichardL, sure thing, no problem. Thanks for the info.

    I haven't been back to that job since. I'm going to talk with my service manager about it tomorrow. But Randy, when I started that chiller before the first time it happened, I had just shut down the other one, so the loop was still pretty cold. The noise cae about probably after 10 minutes of running, maybe more. After it went down on oil pressure, I couldn't restart it because of the anit-recycle timer of 20 minutes. By then, the water probably got up to low 60's or so. After I restarted , the noise came after about 3 minutes of running. It didn't purge becasue of the 60 minute purge bypass timer. Running the oil pump in maual yeilds a 39 psid, with no noise.

    Eddie...the 3 minites your refering to is when the vent line solinoid on top of the compressor opens to vent the gearcase. When it opens the oil in the sump will foam somewhat for a few seconds and the oil regulater can sometimes sound pretty noisy...and loud. It should, or normally settles out after about 30 seconds to a minite or so. I would look at the oil level at startup, make sure its in the top glass and see if it's foaming right off the get go. If so then I would say the vent line solinoid is probally stuck open and needs replacing If its making 39 psi oil pressure with the pump on manual, I doubt the pump is the problem.

    Hope this helped.


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    Had the same problem - chiller was low on charge and oil sump was really sounding crazy - charged system to appropreate level and i can't remember if i changed oil filter and oil or not but sound went away. when was last time oil and filter were changed??

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