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    Quote Originally Posted by BKS60 View Post

    You may want to slow down and read the quote from graham you quoted!

    Under your self stated beliefs I doubt your phone would be ringing and I an SURE you would not be able to subcontract him.
    @BKS60 and what does you comment has to do with Refrigerant Recovery Tanks? have'nt seen you posted your views on this tread. BTW most of the units I work on has less than 30lb refrigerant per circuit and my way is to use virgin refrigerant to recharge every system.

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    Ok, my veiw is that recovering perfectly good refrigerant with the intent to replace is an unprofessional waste of the customers trust and money.

    There are easy and economical ways to check refrigerants for moisture and/or acid content. Whether 5, 50, or 500 pounds a professional will make every effort not to waste a customers money and abuse the trust given to a professional.

    From previous posts I can easily see where you place your ethics.
    I'm good at making things cold...You can ask my first two wives!

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