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    BACnet Integration Problems with York YCAL Chiller with Optiview Display

    Hello all,
    I am currently working on a project that requires me to integrate a Delta BAS with a York YCAL chiller. I have had no problems with getting the BACnet side to work but it seems that now the Optiview will no longer talk with the chiller. I am not sure that this was actually working before as what I can see on the display is the same as before I configured the BACnet connection. I have connected our MSTP cabling at the chiller under the same connections as the Optiview.(Large blue connector top right) This is identified as the BACnet connection. I assume that the Optiview communicates over a RS485 communication bus so this should be acceptable.

    The problem I am having is more so to do with the Optiview. The home page looks nothing like the manual describes. When I look at the comm screen in the Optiview it says that it is using a baud rate of 4600. I am not able to drop my network speed this low and am not able to change the speed at the Optiview. At the home page all the documentation says that there should be a login button. I don't have this and therefore cannot access the ability to change the baud rate of the Optiview.

    Has anyone experienced similar issues or is anyone familiar with this product? JCI and the supplier have been less than helpful to this point. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think you should be dealing with 1 port for bacnet and another for the panel.
    4600 is not a standard speed

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    Well I am not surprised they don't roll out the red carpet; who is with competition? I'm sure they would be happy to be contracted to do the work. You should be integrating the chiller with e-link ... Not through the optiview port. Restore what performed to fix the optiview and purchase the e-link BACnet integrator. You'll also need to set up the integrator with the type of chiller...

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