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    went on a call today unit was completely frozen . The homeowner asked do the air filters disolve ? I replied no why do you ask. she said well I go to change the filter once a month & sometimes its not there anymore. I couldnt see down the r/a duct for all the filters . Broke loose the duct & pulled out 15 filters, put two bracebars on the r/a grill - problem solved & had my laugh for the day. closes thing I've had to this was the homeowner that changed the filter every two months & when asked why every two months he replied : I use one side this month & then flip it over & use the other side next month.
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    Holly moses...what a laugh.
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    Gave a customer a huge bill yesterday for one of his rental properties. Flat condenser on the 1970 York (intakes from the bottom) was totally embedded with dog hair. Washed it 5 times before the hair quit coming out. It cooked all of the oil out of the condenser fan motor bearings and the motor locked up from the heat, so new motor.

    Finally turned it on and it began to ice up. 34 degree delta-T. Furnace filter loaded up with dog hair and sailed out of the slot.

    Blower motor, squirrel cage, housing and evaporator packed solid with dog hair.

    I told the tenant "That's an expensive dog you have there."

    This is the third time I've told the tenant to change the filter more than once a year.

    I showed up on time for the 1:00 appointment. Nobody there. He calls me at 1:15 to tell me he's on the way. Then while I'm pulling dog hair out of everything he keeps asking me how much longer it's going to take me finish.

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    A few years ago the compnay I was working for took over some retail stores. I went on the first call before our P.M was due at the store. Found the unit frozen up, how ever the filters were new and dated from the previous week. Checked over everything,every thing looked good except for the ice. While waiting to get the RTU thawed I noticed in the return there was something there that wasn't supposed to be. I got my flash light out and looked, found about 20 filters down that return. The unit filters were 4-20x25x2 and 2 20x20x2, the ones pulled from the return were all different sizes. My point is for this reply is isn't it easier to throw the filters in a dumpster rather than opening up a unit to get rid of the dirty ones! One more thing the RTU freezing up was the reason the company previuosly lost the contract. As soon as the rugs(dirty filters) were pulled out the unit never had any more problems.

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