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    Our neighborhood has lots of wild rabbits runnning around. Seems like our yard looked like a good place for a momma bunny to dig a hole and raise some younguns.

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    Ha! My kids will like that pic! I've never seen a rabbit nest like that. Thanks for the pic Otto!
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    Don't touch them or get too close. If momma smells you on them, she'll kill them all, and have another litter.

    My new neighbor has gotten attached to them, too, and it pisses me off. I've got a beagle who hunts, sort of. He hunts when I give him the chance. The couple years have been tough for him. I got married, had a kid, work lots, and hunt deer more. We bought this house this winter. My back yard, and my two neighbor's yards run together into a big field. Lots of rabbits, and deer too. I've been letting the dog run the rabbits after work. He's really improved his chases, and all the running has made him less of a pest inside.

    Monday I met the neighbor for the first time when he asked me to keep my dog off his property. His wife likes the rabbits and doesn't want my dog to hurt them. What an ignorant woman and a whipped husband. Welcome to the neighborhood, I guess. These country folk sure are nice.

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    I had one about that size.....didn't see the nest and mowed over it, one made it through.....must have had internal injuries though, I care for the cute little bugger but he only made it 2 days.
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    My Brittany had a couple of those for breakfast today. Nothing lives long in my yard.

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    Originally posted by bja105
    Don't touch them or get too close. If momma smells you on them, she'll kill them all, and have another litter.

    Yeah, like little birdies, leave em be.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    I think their momma is the one eating my garden, hmmm

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