Hey everyone.

Been a long time since I have bene on the site. I got injured on the job over 8 months ago(watch your hands). I can go back to my same company working light commercial. Tommorow, I do have an interview with my neighbors son who owns a Residential company that is doing very well. I was an apprentice, I still am I guess you could say. He has lots of maintenance contracts which keeps his company busy right now, and thats what I was doing for the company I was previously/currently working for. My only problem is after being out of work for so long, it's hard to remember a lot of information. Has anyone else been in a situation like this? Or, even if you are a seasoned technician being out of work for a long period, did you find yourself with a loss of info? Look forward to being back on the sight, and learning more from everyone, and looking forward to getting back to work. As I stated earlier, watch your hands, and be safe.