OK, I'm due to graduate out of RSI in September. I need to know if anyones heard of anywhere that's a great place to start in refrigeration. Not much for heat pumps and straight cools, but I will work on them if need be. I am currently top of my class, so the knowledge is there just waiting to be released. I'd prefer something that is shift work and set hours (difficult I know, but I know they are out there) Hubby does residential so I need to be available for the kiddos. It's not an easy situation I know, and by far not ideal. I, by no means am afraid of working on my own and can do just about any job given to me. I've heard from 3 seperate people that Shamrock foods is not a good place to work, but no other information was offered other than that. Can anyone give some inkling of information? Hubby does residential, so he's really no help unless it's for residential purposes.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!