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    having issues with 13 story chilled water loop. loop never treated having problems with indv unit vent. some supply lines and some return line plugged solid with mud. I know you gonna need more info. I could write a book. drop a line.

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    The chemical treatment guy we use has provided a soap type of stuff for similar problems. Put it in the system and let it circulate for a couple of days, and then open the make-up and a purge for several days to clean it out.

    Used it on an apartment complex with 400 tons of chill water.

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    a couple of ideas from experience.

    nitrate treatment will dislodge the stuff but you will have to shock treat it. and then drain, not a desireable prop.

    tsp is a soapy solution thatworks but can be corosive in high concentrations.

    my problem with treatment to dislodge the stuff is where does it go?

    buy a seperator, a big one, like spirovent, install in major piping with about seven psi differential. then treat system to remove the sediment. stand by for alot of work, cleaning a system that has operated without treatment is a long ptrocess could take a year of extensive cleaning, strainers etc. good luck.

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    Recently went out to help a couple of our techs determine the cause of a screw chiller not operating (2 out of 4 compressors gone). When I got there they had the cond bundle open and were rodding it out, the previous company had just done it 4 monthes earlier. What came out looked like snot, asked if there was any water treatment system in use and was assured there was. Went to check and the barrels were empty, the building engineer assumed someone was taking care of that sort of thing. Even the inside of the condenser water pipes was covered with an inch of slime. The flat plate heat exchanger was completely packed and totally ineffective. Long story short my chemical guy wouldn't talk to me for 2 weeks and the cleanup will go on for a long time. Once the bacteria gets a foot hold this bad you're in for a long andd expensive time. PM is cheaper.
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