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Thread: Trane guys

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    Our office would only send MAYBE 2 guys to LaCrosse per year. Maybe once a year a few guys would go to Atlanta for 5-day training. Mostly what would happen, in the off-season we'd have in-house training. Someone from either Pueblo, Macon, LaCrosse, Clarksville, etc. would come to our office and hold training for 1.5 days to participants from our regional area; guys from 3-4 different offices. I personally haven't had training for about a year. All OTJ.

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    I work for an independant HVAC outfit UA etc. Been to LaCrosse twice in 10 years for teardown( Customer insisted I stay current). York Pa twice 1 for Cent teardown and 1 for Screw oper. McQuay in Staunton twice once for Recip and once for Cent teardown and Dunham Bush in Harrisonburg for the vertical screws. Seems the independant union shops are training much more than the MFR`s are their own people.
    That has a way of biting back, better watch out here we come!!!!\UA all the Way

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    Our office hardly ever sends tech. to school. Mostly you have to learn on the job. I've been lucky and been to a absorber class in lacross and 2 comm 5 classes in a 10yrs. of working there. Most dont get that.

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    Just a question for you people, i have been in the electrical field for 16 years now, i am a journeyman electrician, have been certified in AC-DC drives, and have worked with VFD's and controls for a long time,i am mostly a heavy commercail/ industrial electrician, i have run jobs up to $150 million.... the question is, i am tired of the TRADE, would like to retire doing HVAC work with refrigeration, it peeks my interest, is it worth the apprenticeship, to change now? I am not too concerned with the drop in pay for a couple years, i have a nice retirement and annuity, i could live off while re-training, i am making $27.45hr. + $4hr. in my annuity + $1hr. in my vacation fund. What are the average rates out there, for union and non-union? have given this alot of thought and would like to change into a commercial / industrial HVAC tech.... Any advice would be appreciated!!!

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    Roadking.. your lucky cause they send you to see us and we are a they send you to school all the time.. all that learning just can't stick to you!!!

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    Hmm Ive never worked for the man!!!


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    Hey Ahnold, I did exactly the same thing only I took a 16.00 an hour pay cut for a few years.I was IBEW for 10 years and got sick of it, it is usually the same old boring crap.Different walls but basically the same job, now I laugh when I go on a S/U and the sparkys give me attitude cause I am touching wiring.Then they can't believe after I tell them I am one that I left the trade, little do they know we make about 12.00 an hour more, truck etc,etc,etc.

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