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    The Bristol TS or "Twin Single" compressor has been around long enough now for you technicians to have some opinions. How do you like them? Are they lasting? Are you having any problems? What do you think of them in general?

    For those of you here who are not aware of the TS compressor, it is a two cylinder reciprocating compressor when operated in one direction and a single cylinder compressor when reversed. That gives two stages of cooling capacity, 50% and 100%

    York uses them in some of their products. Who else?


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    bristol twin single

    have been working on and using them for over two years . they are great if you set the unit up properly. the key is to properly set the airflow to the speed of the compressor to derive maximum benefit of the staging of the unit heat pump or air conditioner also works well if you apply humidstat for summer operation

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    They are in Carrier/Bryant two speeds.

    We have installed about 150 to 200 prior to this year,over the past few years,only one failure and it was due to noise.Plus it was probably caused by installation,TXV bulb removed to braze,never reconnected.

    I'm curious as to others opinions on the capacity differences between Bristol and Copeland.Low 70% for Copeland,50% for Bristol,both approx..

    The 50% can run longer in low,but the 70% can cover the load more of the time in low.I know Copeland said they couldn't get theirs any lower ,so that makes me think the advantage is the 50% low capacity.

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