i had a great day today,boss sends me out too mcdonalds,too meet refer tech,from co.coke has do the big stuff on,well apparently this co.installed a new compressor on a multiplex remote unit,roof top condenser.on6/17/04 compressor went inon 6/20 unit shut down on overload.well we meet this morning,and he comes bumbling out of truck this guy looked like joe shit the ragman.any how we cloimb up on roof too look at condenser well iwasnt too pleased this thing never seen a cleaning ,tech says he brought some coil cleaner and some acti brite would i mind helping,not at all,i say,get it all cleaned up ,go inside of restaurant check unit,water bath temp was 66 deg.fired unit up let run for half hour temp started too drop,so im poking around uptop checking water bath and noticed that a new txv.was installed{incorrectly}tech had txv strapped on tubing in the water bath,i question him on this he said that where the old one was,i said well its wrong .remounted and insulated,man the things you have to do,every thing turned out fine,my co.pays these guys 85.00 an hr.and i have too straighten there crap out.i felt good about myself today.