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    Is ice less load than air?

    This is referring to ice stored in a household refrigerator, not ice on the evaporator.

    I knew a guy who had a shop full of used, reconditioned refrigerators. He had a commercial icemaker there, which he bagged the ice out of and put in the freezers of the reconditioned refrigerators. He said the ice was less load than the air space in the freezers which the ice displaced.

    Is this true?

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    It'shard to change the state

    of ice/water/steam. Not hard to maintain a state. I say yes.
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    Thats absolutly true. Matter of fact the food in your freezer keeps the temps up better for that reason. That reminds me of a story thats related.

    I had a customer with a frig that went down, sealed system problem. Fixed it and when I got done it was starting to cool down pretty good. The customer was an old fart with an attidute about whether or not its fixed. He asked me several times if its fixed correctly and I replied thats its already starting to cool.

    Five hours later he calls and claims its not cooling right. I asked him if he has any food in the freezer, he said "no, I aint gonna put my food in there unless I know its working". I asked him how he knows it not cooling, his reply was "I got a temp gauge in the freezer and I have checked it every 10 minutes and its not going down like it should". I started to laugh and he got anoyed and asked why I'm laughing. I explained that its summer time and its warm in the house and if you open it every 10 minutes with no food, its never going to get cold. I told him to leave the temp gauge in there and let it run overnight and call me in the morning. He grumbled a bit and said "ok I'll call you in the morning.

    He calls me in the morning and apologizes to me, for after thinking about it all night in bed he realized how stupid it was to open the freezer every 10 minutes, and yes its down below zero now.


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    It is not that the ice or food has a lighter load that air, but when you open an empty freezer door all the cold air will fall out and worm air will enter. Anything with volume that stays in freezer and does not need to be cooled decreases the load. Years ago when my freezer was half full I used empty boxes to keep the volumn up.
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