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    Northland freezer model # UF30K-1485 Serial # 01K866398.

    Worked on a Northland freezer yesterday, and when I got there unit was holding about 20 degrees F. Usually pulls down to about -10 F. This a reach in freezer on R-404a. Compressor was extremely hot to the touch, condenser fan running,fan shrourd intact and condenser was clean. Checked evaporator for ice build. Didn't have any tap valves with me so I couldn't check for restriction or low charge. Going back this morning to tap on to sealed system. Any ideas.

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    Yea ... dont use the word "tap" unless you are purposely meaning to point out the fact that you like watsco line tap valves.

    Tap, in my dictionary, is a very filthy word. It is beyond dirty!
    I will spare you my further sarcasm.

    Either use a temporary piercing valve on a process tube extension. One which you pinch then you weld off when complete.
    Or use the C&D sweat on valves. When done using the instructions, they do not leak refrigerant.

    Watsco line tap valves were made to leake just like a vacuum pump with oil in it ... sitting in the back of your truck ... first chance it gets ... it's gonna leak.

    Sorry if I mis-read your post or misunderstood your intentions.

    Your right though, until you take some readings ... you are not able to diagnose the problem.

    Although ... using your temp probe, you can do some preliminary work and quite possibly come up with some good answers.

    It's even possible the customer cleaned the condensor before you got there and when the unit still didnt work ... he called your number.

    I guess you already know about how poe oil can plug up a cap tube once the condensor has gotten dirty and overheated the system.

    Two solutions when that happens.
    There's the right way .... replace the cap tube. Change the oil inside the unit and clean up the system.

    Then there's the "other way"... cut six inches off the cap tube and replace the filter drier. Then put the system back together and hope it works.

    Frankly, if it's your own system, do what you will. You own your own time and resources.
    However, if this is a job for a customer, and the customer is only going to pay you when it's fixed. and The customer wants it fixed to last awhile.
    Then you'v eonly got just one chance to do this job corectly.

    This will NOT assure you the compressor hasnt been compromised.
    But you will have done your very best if you follow the procedures outlined above.

    Then if it dont work ... she's a really broken a badly!!!

    Put the responsibility of cost and who is responsible ... in the customer's lap. DO NOT take this yoke upon your self.

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    Northland's are disposable equipment.

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