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Thread: Damn Squirrel!

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    Originally posted by bcw
    Had one fall down the chimney and got in the house- after a few days trapped in there. The cat was chasing it through the house when I came home. Soot around all the windows where it was jumping up, sooty cat, squirrell nuggets all over, nasty.
    Oh, squirrels don't carry rabies. The little bugger ran across my foot and scratched me while I was shooing it out the house, so I've learned that piece of info from the doctor.
    But I got him back. Was pouring a liner down the chimney, since it wasn't lined, and a squirrel came up out the space. It was concreteatized. Ran across the roof and jumped for the tree, fell 5' short and hit the ground running.
    OH yeah, them bugger can take a hit and keep goin'. Chase one up a utiliy pole once and act like you are going up too after it. I tried it once, that damn thing jumped from about 25+ foot up, landed on the street and took off like a bullet. It was great
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    It's unbelievable what those squirrels can do physically. I watched one run up my neighbors chimney like Spiderman!

    One of my customers tried to keep them out of his tree. He wrapped a 3' tall piece of sheet metal around it. The squirrel just jumped that 3 feet!!

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    Jus roll a few moth balls into those secial hideouts !!!

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    Originally posted by bja105
    rat trap baited with peanut butter.
    This works real well.

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    Originally posted by bcw
    It was concreteatized. Ran across the roof and jumped for the tree, fell 5' short and hit the ground running.

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    Frown Tree Rats

    I want to get a paint-ball gun and pop the little buggers. This way I can tell them apart.

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    yep they are just rats with fluffy tails I'm going to buy an air rifle for my boy so he can shoot em - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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