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So a little update.....
So I got back there today. Removed the gas. Come to find out the cap tube was wrapped around the entire suction line(hence why they said it was 168" and I only guessed 60"). So I purged with n2, and unsweated cap out of coil. Cut the drier and compressor out. Blew through both coils with n2. Replaced the oil in the compressor. I installed the new drier and .036" x 168" cap, just like I took it out. (Also checked cap with a #64 bit after I cut it) Sweated everthing in, while purging n2. Weighed 8oz of 404a in. Still running like there is a restriction. Compressor overheating.

Suction 15.8psi
Discharge 222
Liquid 220
Suction 73 degrees
Liquid 86 degrees
Box temp 80 degrees
Ambient 84 degrees

Any ideas?

BTW- I hate doing favors for friends.
Head pressure looks low for that ambient.