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I am no expert on this subject but

1. you can try and heat up the tube and free that wax build up.
2. cut off the first couple inches of the tube and braze it back in as this is where the restriction most is
when i come across plugged cap tubes, most of the time i just replace the cap tube

but when i see and smell stinky brown oil, i use the three step plan

1.replace cap tube
2.replace compressor
3.install drier, evacuate,weigh in charge

never use a cappillary tube shorter than the original length

as for other statements on this thread about changing oil in a small compressor

a customers money would be better spent on a new compressor

as opposed to paying labor in order to change oil on an old compressor

may be a little more costly for the customer to install a new compressor

but it's a better plan for the customer, as well as the tech's callback percentage