I checked out a under counter refrigerator/freezer for a friend today. The company that normally takes care of his stuff said it won't hold a charge and they can't find the leak.

So I check it out. First I check the coils and notice a wiring mess behind the evap panel. So I clean it all up. I fire it up. It runs a 190 head, but suction drops down to 7psi. Then it slowly climbs and compressor shuts down on internal overload. I think it's a clogged cap tube. So I remove the gas on the low side and still have 150psi on the high.

So I conclude it's a clogged cap tube. Now my question is I plan on replacing the cap tube and drier. I searched on the forums about this and saw the supco link for sizing. But it lists low temp or med temp. What if it's both? Also do I really need to replace the oil, like I read on some of the posts.

Btw- It's a Enodis UC4148 refrigerator or freezer. And it has a Copeland AFE11C3E-1AA-301. The 301, I think means it's a non oem compressor?

Any help for a novice when it comes to small refer?