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So I check it out. First I check the coils and notice a wiring mess behind the evap panel. So I clean it all up. I fire it up. It runs a 190 head, but suction drops down to 7psi. Then it slowly climbs and compressor shuts down on internal overload. I think it's a clogged cap tube.
Slowly climbs? You should have felt around a little. Was the condenser at ambient temp over most of it's surface?

I think you have a bad compressor.

It takes some experience to consistently properly diagnose the differences between cap restriction, inefficient compressor, and low charge. Some companies make it a habit that anytime they find a cap tube restriction (or what they think is a cap tube restriction), they change the cap tube, compressor, and drier. This will solve the problem since they have addressed everything, including a possible short charge.

Oh, and there is a way to size a cap tube on the fly with the system open. Read the last two pages: http://www.supco.com/images/pdfs/Man...g%20Manual.pdf