Last Friday I went down on the job. Actually crashed my brand new truck into shop door passed out the whole shibang. My daughter gave me nitro, called 911 and actually somehow carried me into air conditioned office. Ambulance was there, about 3.5 minuets i'm told and got heart under control. I have a bad family history and already have 3 stints. Got to hospital and was feeling a little better. They wanted to do a heart cath right away but for some reason I had a fever of 102. Put me in hospital and 2 days later they figure out I have pnemnoia. Had to call in a contagious desiese guy to figure it out . I was going down hill and no one new why. Well with massive doses of drugs they finally got fever down and were able to do cath this Thursday. Had to add 2 more stints and will most likely need bypass in next few years. Got home yesterday afternoon and have been feeling much better. Never even knew I was sick but for sinus infection my Dr has been working on for awhile. Thought I had algeries but turns out I was carring around pnemonia. Go figure, 8 days in, hell of a week.

Besides getting better and just being alive the best thing to come out of this is how my company pulled together and got things at work handled. Somtimes it seems I feel the need to do everything myself and had been working 16 hr days for over a month. I have two daughters and the took over and handled all very well with my lead service guy and friend, Steves guidence. I am very proud of these three and am happy to know I can rely on them so much. They will give me the time I need to recover as this really took it out of me. I will be taking it much easier in the future as I am only 46 and would like to be around for a bit yet. I have one grandaughter and a grandson on the way.

Sorry for long post I just needed to wright this down somewhere.