3 weeks ago boss got a call from a contractor building a pizza hut. he wants a bid on a new one going up here in town of 20,000 or so. i have done a lot more commercial than him and he asked my advice. looking at the plans i saw no problems for the install, but mentioned that we could possibly (probably) have a good deal of money tied up for 30 or more days. we are a small (3 trucks, 5 employees) company, 3 yrs old, only a few accounts. our decision was to pass.

he calls back today, says nobody else has entered bids (5 sets sent out), they are not interested.

boss calls me, now he wants to bid on it

i immediately thought of dice's posting on jobs to avoid, and wondered why no one else entered a bid, especially because at least 3 of them can easily afford to do a job like this.

called local sheet metal shop, buddy of mine runs it. he has priced the duct to 2 other companies, and told them the contractor was a slow pay at best due to his experience with him in the past.

no wonder they did not bid.

we decided to pass again.

if it looks too good, it usually is