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    Frown INNCOM T-stat mod e4-7 failed to default

    I have roughly 60 of these thermostats in a building. We had a power failure/bump and now thay have all quit reading the current room temperature and displays only a (constant) 65 degrees. I really don’t want to send all of these out for a $90 dollar repair each and was wondering if anyone might shed some light on how to fix these units. Perhaps there is an internal overload or electronic type fuse in the circuit that I could replace myself. Perhaps it is just a re initialization problem like using a key pressing combination to reinitialize them. Any help would be appreciated but I have to act quickly...

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    Try removing power from the T-stat to reset it.

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    avoid this make in future

    try to use standard products.
    advantage is services and reliability!!

    if possible, replace all thermostats with some brand of repute.

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