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    =What is short cycling?

    What is short cycling and how do I know if I have it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlandry_indians View Post
    What is short cycling and how do I know if I have it?
    Short cycling is a term used to describe short run times and/or short off times...

    Many times starting and stopping equipment rapidly is detrimental to machine life and not at all energy efficient....

    depending on what we're talking about, 60% duty cycle Should be OK....

    I hate it when a compressor only runs for ten minutes then off for five....

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    Mine will run for about 15-20 and then off for about the same?
    Is that short?

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    What causes short cycling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlandry_indians View Post
    What causes short cycling?

    To put simply, oversized equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlandry_indians View Post
    What causes short cycling?
    Far more often it's things other than over sized equipment that causes short cycling.

    If you feel your equipment is cycling too often you should call your service company and have it repaired.

    There are way to many variables to make any snap judgments.

    Make your feelings known to your service technician.

    See what he says and check back.

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    From a long distance away, 15-20 minute cycles does not sound like short cycling. It sounds like the system is operating to the temperature set at the t-stat. Some t-stats do allow for a maximum number of cycles per hour but at 3 per hour, you're okay from here. IMO, short cycling for AC or HP is 3-minutes on, immediate start when the delay time expires, 3-minutes on,etc. and the cycle continues. As the outdoor weather heats up, the "on" cycle times should increase and the "off" cycle times should decrease until on the hottest days, it's 100% "on" and zero "off". That's design temperature. If it gets hotter than design, the unit still operates 100% of the time but the indoor temperature begins to go up too.
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