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    forney texas
    That why he's called spotts, it looks good over the dog house door and the neighbors are none the wiser.

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    I am starting to belive that there is a group of these young guys, that for what ever reason don't want or don't see how they can mature. I am 51 I was a product of the 60's and 70's we were a bit rebelious at time, and not the sharpest tools in the shed. I never thought I could not make it at something I always new I had to get out and be good at something.At 15 I was scraping gum off of a butcher shop's floor at 14 I sold Christmas card in july, somewhere inbetween I started painting address on people's curb for a few bucks.

    The point is I made a effort I was motavated, and it was not always the money, it just seemed like a adventure thats all. I wanted to get out on my own ASAP it had nothing to do with how well my parents treated me.

    I HATE TO SAY THIS. Could it be the music. I hate to say this because I herd that in my day, but it different now. there seems to be alot of hate and way to much louser messages inbedded in this music. The head phones come on and the brains just turn off. If there is a God and there is a satin what better way to to grab a whole generation of kids then thru this music.

    My son can have what ever he wants, but he needs to make a effort. He is a good kid with alot of good qualities, however he is not motavated and does not accept the fact he needs to make a effort.He did get his lic one day after I fired him somthing I have been begging him to get for 6 months, He has been staying out of my way at home he is in his room playing video games, not looking for a job or place to stay just spending time. His last paycheck will about cover his rent and then he will be asked to move, perhaps that will be when the light will come on.

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    Hang in there!

    The best is yet to come. He'll come around sooner than later.

    Best of luck! JMM

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    just fired my son

    roncool,i can tell by your thread you are tormented by the fact you had too fire him,i came from a so so upbringing mom and dad both alchies,graduated high school because i refused too quit at 16,and go find a job too help support the family{9 of us,im the oldest}and that pissed my old man off more than anything,but i finished school joined the army right after,spent 4 years learning about discipline and integrity,also learned a lot about people of different races,i am proud of the way i turned out,and i can tell that you are good man and father,just try to reach your boy,before it gets worse.
    if at first you dont succeed,then skydiving is not for you

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    I just can't get this nancy boy thought process going. What the heck is all this tear up about making a man out of a young man. My gosh no wonder we have a bunch of twenty somethings loving x box and not working. Kick his a$$ out and he'll learn. And if he falls, thats a good thing. You learn when you fall.

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    Thumbs up

    Agree with ya 4d's!!

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