Well I am feeling pretty bad now, but I think I did the correct thing. My son is 26 years old and is living in my house. He has worked for me for the better part of a year and half. I have had run in's with him for along time now. The kid just does not do what is asked, never if ever shows up to work at the correct time always has a attutute. He really does not seem to care much about our family business. today he installed a Goodman 2 ton furnace in a garrage and coil, hooked it up to a exsisting condenser, removed a suction line filter and instaled a new liq line filter. this took 10 hours. He is mad because he does not get paid enought.I gave him a service Van he took out the center part and installed a 3 foot speaker ripped out the dodge radio and installed his own.I gave him him (pleded)6 months to get EPA an ARI cert did not do eather. He drives my company van and does not have a Lic to drive. I did the right thing . my wife was siting there crying making me feel bad just thought I would vent to the world thanks