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    I get online this morning and Dave leaves this message; "Go see Fitter33 boss ... PLEASE".

    Right about this time, the phone rings ... it's Fitter33. He's phoning to tell me his boss is back in the office and very eager to talk with me again!

    hmmmm.... it made me wonder if them two had got together and hatched this out .... offline.

    So today I met with this other Market Man who is a contractor.
    He is in deep with this certain local chain.
    They are a better grade of store to work in and better money from the contractor. Great medical, 100% paid for by the employer, plus other benefits.

    Fitter says I should adapt real easily to the Einstein controls their stores use.
    I guess he figures that since we both spend so much time on our own computers!

    Oh ... and training ... it's there. In fact, a copeland rep even came out to their shop for a training seminar.

    I've been coming here over the past couple of months asking questions about how certain matters should be handled properly.
    I also asked about repair problems. Things I never got answered on the job.
    And I also came here to vent.
    To gripe about the store personell who do the darndest things.
    And why corperate doesnt do what I think they outa be doing. For the benefit of their own equipment and utility bills.

    And ... last but not least ... I would come here to gripe about the utter BS, backstabbing and lies at the office.

    The BS seems to have stopped, for the time being anyway.
    I dont know for sure if it was my last comment to that co-worker telling him to tell the boss he can go .... hmp... anyway .... enough of the negative....
    Let's just say I did what James would have did had he been there.
    Maybe it wasnt the best thing to say to someone in authority over you, but I said it anyway ... and there's been no more crap since then ....

    Anyway. I dont like to have to resort to fussing with someone in order to make a statement. My word on a matter should simply be good enough.

    And now an opportunity has risen. I ambeing offered a fulltime, permanent position with this other company in the same town that I already now work in.
    Better money, more hours, (Augh), not on call so often.
    Full medical benefits, 100% paid by boss! (YES!!!).
    Company truck. (YES!!!).
    Weekly tool allowance! YES!

    You know ... the usual stuff!

    Oh yeh ... and their NOT UNION!!!

    Now I'm not completely positive on this one other issue here, but I think ...the pay is even better than the local Husman shop, who is also NON-UNION!

    Oh ... and only one of their stores has ladders to the motor rooms. The rest all have stairs! YES!!!

    Most of my current stores use ladders to access the motor rooms. And that stinks! Big Time!

    When I began writing this thread, I wasnt sure what I should do. Now that I've penned it all out ... in digital black on white ... it's a no brainer.

    I'm changing store chains.

    By the way ... I hear tell there's this new freon in some markets. ... it's called "five-oh-seven"..... anyone here ever use any of that stuff? It is any good?

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    Did the same thing last week

    Take the JOB!! You'll quit *****in here!!

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    Austin, Tx.
    I won't tell ya which store has the ladder......LOL

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    Originally posted by fitter33
    I won't tell ya which store has the ladder......LOL
    It dont matter!
    MOST of mine now, have ladders! Yours will be a pleasant change.
    Tried to call you back tonight... it didnt work. Left ya message.

    That side turn I took driving home tonight was fun. I went thru a little community called Uhland. Never been there before.

    Do you like 507?

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    I have been using 507 for some time well for me.

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    Originally posted by hvac/r-ia
    I have been using 507 for some time well for me.

    Well then that settles it for me.

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    80% of the stores around here use R507 on both medium and low temp. for at least 5 years. works well.
    Watts New, Ohm My, I been Electrically Commutated. Are U2.

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    R12.......or should I say......

    R507...glad you are making the switch...Good Luck!
    If every a...... could do this,I wouldn't have a job...

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    You still got to go to work and fix things. It aint a glorious job to any one but fellow rack guys. Just quit yelling about it and get to work. I bet in two months your gonna find something wrong about this place as well. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't. It's never "fantatstic" anywhere. Just find the money and the type of work you want and be happy you found that.. I am being serious.. You don't get it your way till you go on your own, then you realize it still isn't the real way you want it. It's about balance. And you need balance desparately.

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    Go for it R12. Like Dow said, sooner or later we all will find something to complain about even at a great new job.

    If I were to suddenly realize that I had a truly perfect job, then it only means I have died, gone to heaven and nobody bothered to tell me.

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    Go to work for fitter33's boss. Please.

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    I read a this quote somewhere once. "If you don't like your job, don't worry, someone else will soon have it".
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    Originally posted by condenseddave
    Go to work for fitter33's boss. Please.

    I headed for Austin this morning and went straight for Fitter's office.
    His boss was there with the other two managers ... like he was waiting for me.
    It was so .... s t r a n g e.

    The boss asked how long I was going to prolong this thing by not having yet severed my ties with the old company.
    I said Wednesday would be the day I was available.

    Well ... as soon as I left his office, I phoned in and a co-worker told me to come to the office ... he needed to speak with me.

    I'm driving there wondering how I am going to break the news to him about my leaving.

    To make a long story short ... I am no longer employed there.

    No hard feelings ... no bad words. Just the usual backbiting/lying/mis-communication that sets that outfit apart from so many others ....
    The guy who lied about me to the owner ... I'm gonna buy him a steak dinner! He saved me from being the bad guy in leaving.
    And I can live with that.

    So I got some errands to go do tomorrow and then Wednesday I start the new job.
    Balance is a good word of advice Dow. Thank you.
    And I know it's true about finding the perfect job.

    As far as whether or not i ever quit complaining ....I'll be working on that one.

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