hey guys the comfort zone 44 and I work together. we ran into a doozy the other day. A customer called and wanted us to put in some new equipment that he had bought. he already had the a-coil in place. we had to install the condensing unit and run the line sets, hang a disconnect and etc.... any way the fittings on the unit were different than the fittings on the a-coil. it was the right tonnage so we made it work. this guy also wired up his outside disconnect box wrong. I had to rewire it other wise it would have kept throwing the breaker. what fun.

any way I had to pull the same customer's furnace out last year because the idiot installed it himself without converting it to propane. he ran it for three months like that and filled the whole house with CO. I took it back to the shop and took the whole furnace apart and cleaned it out. it was a 90 plus furnace so you can imagine how fun it was. the soot was so bad I actually had to pull the induced draft blower apart and clean the wheel in order to get the pressure switch to work properly again.

what posseses people to do stupid stuff like this?