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    How can one give you a detailed plan and price of something for you HVAC system online??

    Everyone who reads my posts, I'd like to point out, that this is a perfect example of how everyone but us thinks this is a retail thing, instead of contracting..


    Not sure what you are getting at here. Don't want a detailed plan and price. Just really wanting to feel like I'm not getting ripped off.

    Y'all know that it is a proven study that car dealers don't give women the same prices that they give men...because women generally don't know that much about car specifics. I feel the same way with this particular guy....hopefully tonight's estimate will shed some light on a reasonably affordable yet efficient system.

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    we service the NW side of atlanta, would like to look at your job. 770 606 8100
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    James3528 number

    Originally posted by freezone
    James3528!! He's in Georgia. An added bonus is that he's single!!
    Called it once. It's 1-redneck-BR549!!!

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    help from the men

    i would seriously consider oil. 140,000 btu per gal. electricity 72,000 btu per kilowatt hour. a good nordyne system will serve you very well. tappan,westinghouse,frigidaire 8ys parts lifetime heat exchanger quality pledge: if heat exchanger or compressor (ac) fails in first 5yrs ENTIRE UNIT replaced with $250.00 labor allowance thrown in as well. OIL HEATS BEST!!!! ask your public utility,they'll tell you. they have a dealer locator on the sites.

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    I currently have gas heat. I would love to get gas totally out of my house (yes, one of the few). <<<<<

    Just a question

    Is there a particular reason
    you want to get gas out of the house?


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    Originally posted by ogdog13
    I have 3 other contractors giving me quotes.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    I am in Atlanta GA. Trying to find prices online...not easyt.

    I'll check out that list. Thanks.
    you said you were looking for prices online is what I am getting at.

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    Ask your trusted friends who they use and recommend. When you get 2 or 3 that give the same answer, call those companies.

    Forget the online stuff. You want/need to establish a relationship with a quality contractor (not someone out for a quick buck+. The way to do this is to let them consult with you, sell, install and warranty the equipment.

    This is truly an trade where you get what you pay for. (As Jack would say) It only costs a little more to get the best, and when you divide that up over 15 year life expectency, trivial.. Get the best and most you can. You spend so much time indoor the difference in comfort will be amazing if done correctly. Good luck.

    Remember these words/phrases: Sporlan adjustable TXV, variable speed, 13 SEER (no higher) (I'd stay with gas, 80%), seal the return air, 10 P&L warranty (buy it!)

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    In your case you should go with a Heat Pump system, with a Electro-Mate Warm-Flo system. With that setup you have no need for gas at all.

    The price would be half of that 12K price...
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