Hello All! New home owner here. Single woman...no snickers please.

The HVAC unit in this home is ancient. Must be replaced, rather sooner than later. Have some contractors coming over to give me specs and pricing.

First one comes last night. Until all is said and done he wants to sell me a $12K unit....go ahead, snicker now.

This is obviously a rip-off.

I currently have gas heat. I would love to get gas totally out of my house (yes, one of the few). I have a bi-level house, and am going to convert the downstairs into about 200-300 sq ft of living space (heated and a/c...the rest will just be laundry room, workshop, storage, garage). The upstairs is approx. 1100 feet. I do have direct sunlight all throughout the day on one side of the house.

I know those are real basic. But, what actual size unit do I need. And what is the normal cost. I don't want the caddy of all units. I want quality and efficiency, but cost is still important. $12k is extremely high for a house this big.

Thoughts??? : )