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    Looking for a Job in North Carolina. Make 55,000 here in Jersey. Would like to make that. Have Over nine years exp. Move Planned Aug 04. E-mail for resume


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    I know the chance of me making what I make here is slim. I am being proactive by the way. Resumes are out everywhere.
    I just wanted to get a feel from you guys what was going on out there.

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    if you do commercial and you pull about 50 hours a week then 55k is reasonable in carolina. cost of living is much cheaper then jersey too

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    What part of NC?

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    We would like to go near the triangle area, but where ever the work is.


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    E-mail resume to and I'll pass it along to some associates in the trade.

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    Salesslime my resume was sent.

    This was a very overlooked after thought. I belong to the teamsters union here. I have called the Teamsters in NC but no one has called back. Does anyone know if Some HVAC work under Teamster out there.


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    hvac doesnt fall under the teamsters here. you need to call UA local 421 in charleston, SC. they handle hvac in NC,SC, and part of GA. Hope this helps you.

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    I spoke to a couple of guys in the union in NC & SC both asked for my resume. They said they are looking for guys.


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    WE are not in a union, but have something to offer. We are in the western north carolina mountains, near Georgia border, and 45 minutes from the Tennessee border. We are looking to be out of our business in a year. WE are looking for a service technician that can run this business,and wants to own it in a short time. This business is very lucrative, but we are in our upper 50's and since running this business ourselves, are burnt out. We made the mistake of trying to do it all, but have created a wonderful reputation, and a loyal customer base. There is a tremendous room for growth, as this area is growing.

    call me at 828-389-1506 or email

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