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    has anyone ever run across this type of problem. Taylor model 339 soft serve machine, vanilla (left side) won't stand up, soft appearance. product temperature is 15 degrees, normal should be 18 to 20 degrees.suspected mix being used was bad but same brand was in chocolate side (right). liquid mix best before date still good. suction is 18 p.s.i. as per specs, head is at about 240 p.s.i., frost back just to suction service valve, and both compressors have the same operating characteristics. refrig is R-502,as far as I can determine, scraper blades are new, barrel frost pattern with no product is the same for each side , no visible difference. can someone tell me how I can have product colder than it should be but it won't stand up. any input would be very useful. thanks.

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    Switch sides and see what happens. Couldnt hurt.

    Thats a no cost way of determining if there is a mechanical problem with your Taylor system ... or there is something related to the actual product that's the cause.

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    standpipe in place? air orifice open?

    check those, start with fresh mix


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    taylor freezer

    customer switched product sides and problem is still on the left side. going there tomorrow to recover charge in case the R502 is crossed with R408 or some other unknown refrig from previous company. not to blame anyone but this will be a fresh start.

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    Couple of things you might want to check. If you pull the charge out replace AXV. They stick open and feed during off cycle and wreck the product. Make sure beater is tight going into barrel if not switch sides to make sure beaters are good, If its always loose barrel could be worn. Pulley turning clockwise? Make sure you dont melt that frost at the comp too fast. Standby product should not be frozen.

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