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    I'm being instructed to enter a market, find what's wrong... fix it and leave.
    When it's a leak on a system, I am to look for the leak, but if nothing is found right away, like within two hours, I am to write down I found a leak at such and such spot, fixed the leak and then make out the paperwork and Vamoose!

    That bothers me, a lot!

    But also, I'll be in the motor room and notice a surge tank with no balls floating! I'll look at the oil tank and see no balls floating there either.

    I'll look at another rack and see ice on the suction side of a circuit all the way back to the suction header!

    With these other issues, problems I wasnt sent there to resolve, they just want me to focus on what I was sent out for, not what I notice once I arrive.

    They dont even want a written report for their records!

    I see head fans out, units off on OPS, (and I reset them as I pass by), freon leaks dripping oil, low oil level sight glass .... the list goes on....

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    The way you service the store completely depends on what the customer wants to pay for.

    The phoney leak thing is to cover your ass.You should not add gas if you don't know where the gas went.
    But, at the same time this is not a 5 ton res A.C. C.U. we are talking about.There is thousands of dollars of the customers product to be lost.
    I usually tell them I leak checked the entire system and found a small leak , but I think there is probably another leak somewhere else. That will give you time to search. These systems are large and can be leaking underground or in an attic. You will not always find an obvious leak.
    I've had some crazy leaks in the last few years.
    In a situation like this I usually consult my superiors about this and tell them the truth. They are usually sympathetic to me.They have all been there at one point or another.
    As far as the mechanical stuff that is down , I will explain to the store manager/director about the problems I have seen and ask him/her if he/she wants me to dig into them or not.I will also will explain to them about what can happen if these problems are not addressed. In most cases , the manager will thank you. If they say let it ride , note it in the log book also that the store didn't want to fix it.
    If your boss is running you out of the store , I would at least tell him/her about it so a backstabbing bastard refrigeration tech or another company will not throw you under the bus.
    As you can see the running theme of this is ," cover YOUR ass".
    I put the ball in someone elses court. Let them figure it out. You have enough stress trying to keep the crap cold.

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    .....If we find something while we are out on something else, we let a MIC know and they call it in. Simple as that....

    Our store chain does know that WE are there for a reason. It must be a differnt mentally among diff. chains.

    Now I see why Mr. Butt has a 70% market share in the state...

    You need to get by the office sometime next week....

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    Thanks Ned.

    Ok ... we have a rack. There can be leaks there.
    There's an air cooled condensor on the roof. There can be leaks there.
    Then there's my personal favorite; the cases themselves. There can be leaks there.

    Then there is the underground piping runs. There can be leaks there.

    Then there is "the other" areas where ACR is run and somewhat hidden. There can be leaks there also.

    What are the precentages of leaks for each listed area?

    My guess is 50% in the cases.
    30% in the motor room.
    15% RTUs or condensors.

    and 5% "other areas" .. or underground.

    What do you think?

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    Repair what you were called to do and note your observations for the customer for further authorization.

    Otherwise you are performing a partial service.
    We've been doing so much,for so long,with so little, that now we can do almost anything, with nothing at all.

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    Racks and cases seem to have the most leaks.
    Usually where there is movement.

    Overheads and undergrounds seem to be rare , but it will happen.

    Occasionally you will have a customer inflicted leak
    for example , boxboy/bagger deicing coils with sharp object.

    Over confident grocery reciever forklift operator bouncing off the overhead runs. (I always note bent lines in receiving area).Sometime you can see them getting worse with time. You'll see a 90* elbow become an 85* elbow.
    A week or two later it will be a 60* elbow and so on.
    I love to point out this stuff to the manager. It's fun for me to watch him/her yell at people....maybe I'm just sick.

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    A/C Don,
    I agree that if something is noticed but nothing is doen about it, not even a report of any sort ...this is not the way it outa be.

    So you see most of your leaks split between the racks and the cases.
    In my stores, there arent too many pipes for the lift operators to run into.
    And the clerks dont like de-icing anything.

    As far as having access to sharp objects ... their managers took away their pointy things A LOOOONG TIME AGO!!!

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    Originally posted by lmtd
    Alternative view point.

    "looked for leak, 1 minor leak found and repaired, others may still exist, recorded levels and will note to check on next PM call, labor 2 hours" gets paid and apears proactive.
    May I have your permission to plagerise your words ...if so ... I will begin using them tomorrow!

    I need for my boss to be paid. To be paid in a timely manner, in fact.
    Cause if he dont get paid ... I'm out of a job.

    Part of this whole issue with leaks in markets is due to the fact that in the past, I have been pretty sucessful about finding the leaks.
    Now ... in these stores ... my record lacks ... BIG TIME!

    I just bought the AccuTrak ultrasonic leak detector. I am still getting aquainted with it.
    Sometimes we click and sometimes we dont.
    We we do ... it's like magic. But most of the time ... all Ihear is noise.
    And I already had plenty of that stuff, in the motor room, before I picked up the VPE.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    When you find an unplugged unit is the only problem.
    Restored electrical continuity and monitered system for proper operation.
    Watts New, Ohm My, I been Electrically Commutated. Are U2.

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    Go see fitter33's boss, please.

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    Originally posted by condenseddave
    Go see fitter33's boss, please.
    Good idea.
    I've talked with the man. He's on vacation right now.

    Fitter phoned me a couple days ago. He said he'd put in a word for me. AGAIN.

    Fitter said he thought I'd love the systems he's working on. Something about being Windows based .... I wonder if he means I wont have to climb ladders anymore .... windows ... hmmmmmm...

    Right after Fitter called, I was in the parts house and some guys were talking about his boss hiring and how he lad a four year contract with some customer.

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    Go for it R-12. If he is talking cpc, you will be in market heaven. You will be suprised how good it gets, when your working for a real market company.
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    Originally posted by condenseddave
    Go see fitter33's boss, please.
    I met with him today.

    He is very interested in hiring me.

    hmmmm.. now my only question is.... should I ask for a sign on bonus?

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