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    First I just finished Comm. College in Texas for Refigeration and A/C....with that being said...

    I have some advice for all of you......quit *****in about your schools, and what they are teaching you. I sat through 2 years of all the classes and soaked in as much as I could. Where there days when I said this is dumb.....hell yeah of course. I have been working for the last 6 mths with a company that does Market work for a major chain here in Texas.

    Sorry to point is this......Listen to everything everyone teaches you, whether at Ivy Tech, Comm College...or wherever. Once you get into a truck and run service calls on a daily basis you'll understand why they repeated what YOU thought were unimportant things.

    Trust me on this one....It's good to be aggresive at WHAT you do or WANT to do. Just try and be a little more humble as you go about it....

    If someone else can elaborate on what I'm trying to say feel free....I hate trying to type it out....

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    Think you said it all.

    Some get discouraged because they cant find a job at 70k right out of trade school.

    Too many expect if they have a certificate they get big dollar/high visibility jobs right out of school. Just takes a bit of time to connect what you learned in school to real life HVAC, the field will pay those who paid attention in class eventually.

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