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    tip of the mitt

    I can't believe it

    You gents missed the most important question. Was the girl at the front desk goodlooking?
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    Well I do electrical too so i would have given them a price to change the disconnects. But I probably would have smarted off when he said that something I don't do ass so dont bend over and think your impressing me unless of course the girl was good looking than I probably would of been too distracted to of heard what he said. Basically, you did the safe right thing regardless of what he said. Working without a disconnect has resulted in injury or death as far as i am concerned no job is that important. When it comes to comments from the peanut gallery I am pretty thick skinned maybe he was trying to impress his co worker-- who the hell knows what goes on upstairs in the mind of an hourly paid hotel employee.
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    If that was a big place, with potentially a lot of work that had just been neglected or overlooked, I would have just ignored it, checked it out, gave em a quote to do it right and left.
    If it was a run of the mill, hole in the wall, crappy outfit probably on about it's 18 contractor for one reason or another.....if it was one of them, and I seen way too many of them, I would have said, screw off ya jerk and just left. There is a reason the place is like that, think about it.
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    Basically its a hole in the wall. They dont want a contract and dont want to fix it correctly. Regardless of what the guy said it all comes down to a safety issue. Thanks for the input guys.

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    Talking how would you handle this customer

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