How would you all handle this:
Get a call from a customer who only calls when its broke and hot out that multiple units are out. I tell the owner I'll be there in about two hours, He says ok. I get to the building and see the girl at the front desk and a guy who I've never seen before. I explain to him who we are and ask if they know which units are down, they say no. The guy turns around and says" you guys know what you're doing" then says " are you going to fix it half- assed or what". Well I went up on the roof and found unit 1 no power on roof, unit 2 disconnect on roof off, unit 3 not getting control signal to turn on, unit 4 condenser fan blade broke and stopping fan motor. Units 1,2 & 4 all are 460 volts and the disconnect switches are broken. The only way to shut off power is a breaker panel that is behind the front desk that they use to turn the units on and off. I refused to work on the units because of they are unsafe and because of what the employee said. Do you guys feel I acted properly or should I just blew off what the guy said.