rules for convention goers
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    these are the rules for those of us who will be attending the big bash,#1no hardcore swearing in front of the woman,unless they intiate it,then its all fair.#2no skinny dipping at the hotel pool,by the over 50 crowd.not a pretty picture,#3any ball busting will be done by senior men over 50,no snot nose kids preaching about super heat and sub cool.#4 any lap dances at the titty bar will have too be supervised by me.#5 any ass chewing from the wives or girl friends that some of you might bring,we will most definitely remind you of,thats all i can think of for now.-
    if at first you dont succeed,then skydiving is not for you

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    Ok forget it, I'm not going!!

    Rules? Faggetaboutit!!

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    Like the crader faced dude on Grease said before the race at Thunder Road.."The rules are, there are no rules"

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