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    Insulation on liquid line

    How much effect would it have if a liquid line (1-3/8") from a rack to a remote header is not insulated with armoflex? The run is approximately 140 feet...Engineers with this particular supermarket had us install it. I have seen little improvement in temperature and the sight glass at header. Was it really worth the money they spent??? Any thoughts.

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    I wasn't aware that liquid lines were insulated unless they were heat pump configured.

    What does insulating a liquid line actually acheive?

    50 & 60 hz but 100's worse

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    what did it replace? what are ambient conditions? what is the issue with the system operation as you perceive it to be? might help to see what you are thinking

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    the only reason that you would insulate a liquid line is if you have really long run and you have and/or a subcooler on the rack. in this case I can see why they would want it done. espicially if it is a low temp RH keeping the liquid SC allows more efficency at the txv and there for a smaller system is needed and a smaller elect bill. on all the supermarkets that I have seen they always want the liq line insulated for this reason. it is not necessary but does help. you wont notice it at the sight glass at the header. that should be clear anyway-if not then perhaps more liq. is needed. where you will notice it is at the rack itself. the comp's may start to cycle instead of running flat out

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    In the old days liquid lines were never insulated because they were typically run within a space which was at a lower temperature than the liquid line.

    With the advent of natural and mechanical subcooling there was a need for liquid line insulation because now the liquid refrigerant could gain heat from the space, causing a partial loss of the expected energy savings.

    If the liquid line temperature to this remote header will never be at a temperature lower than the surrounding space temperature then it was a waste of money to insulate it.

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