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    Siemens Insight

    Hi, dose any know how the light counter point works? seems to be somehow tied into phone dial up that turn the lights on.


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    Light counter? Can you expand on that?

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    The only thing I know for sure is that each floor has an assigned extension to be dialed that hits a device in the phone switch which through the BMS will turn on that zone of lighting and for some reason that point hangs and the lights will remain on.

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    So the point is just a virtual DO that the scheduler in Insight uses to trigger a dialer? If you use one of the three IM services listed in my profile (look at the top right of this post under "Join Date " and "Posts") send me and instant message and this conversation would go allot faster.

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    network connection lost

    Hi, everyone
    I have problem with POWER SYSTEM 600 LANDIS & GYR
    The network connection was lost
    I use Insight version 2.4 software, usually after login it will show the network connected, but now only red letter with NONE appear
    The connection start from desktop computer via serial comm. goes to Trunk Interface and trough 3 cable ( Shield, +, -) goes to powers system 600 Landis & Gyr, How to know the protocol used for serial comm. such as start/stop bit, data bit parity, and baud rate?
    Does any one give me solution to solve this problem? I have already checked the cable and trunk interface, but looks like fine
    Any help thanks

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