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    Anybody know where i can find a troubleshooting diagram or
    download a manual for hussmann superPlus compressor boards
    i have a hussmann rack with an Einstien E-1 with the new style boards (8 pins on p1 plug) but don't have any info on these boards i would like to find how to test these boards to see if they are okay i have one that i know is bad (pin p1.8 burned off board)found 2 in rack,unused?bad?good? need to know how to test without doing any damage to Einstien thanks for any leads

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    Call me during the day tomorrow and I'll look in my van for the manual. I should have one.

    Can't you solder the old pin back on? .....


    What about the fuse? Wasnt that circuit fused by a 2 amp glass fuse?

    Your probably looking for a control wire short to ground.

    I hope your a real patient person, have great lighting and own a Fluke meter of some sort.
    Cause your gonna need ALL of the above in order to get that short found.

    I got a rack with four units on it. Unit #1 is off line due to control fuse blowing out due to a short somewhere in the control wiring.
    My super wont let me take the time to trouble shoot out the wiring and find the ground.
    So this rack just operates with three out of four online.

    But hey, it only gets up to 95F lately.

    It's time consuming if you dont locate the exact point right away.

    Heck ... if it were up to me ... I'd just take them two control wires and hook em up to higher voltage and listen for em to "pop" somewhere!
    Then I'd simply go and replace whatever it was that blew up!!! Simple right?

    (I was only joking)

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    You can get CPC manuals at our web-site:

    You can also call tech support at 1-800-829-2724 (or 770-425-2724) for help. Our guys will usually be at least somewhat familiar with OEM wiring in addtion to the CPC equipment.

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