Got a call this morning, guy looking for a price to replace a 2-ton condenser, I do most of this devolepement which Ive mentioned a few times, the guys comp. is gone so gas co. says, he ask me if I wont to check it, I say no, he says how much to replace condenser, he says price (usually people will say a lower by about $100-) there price is $500 less than mine, do you believe it. I also lost 40 apt. with h.p.s last week, one guy owns them all, Ive replaced over half on roof. Been taking care of him for 9-years, he started having alot of people moving out and no one moving in 4-vacant units $1,450 a month times 6-months hes lost alot. So he priced out last replacement. I saw the replacement the hack did, used Bryant didnt need crane cause there so small, and light, could get thru the scuttle humping it with ladder. I saw the new install, left disconnect sitting on roof, cig. butts, put out on rubber roof, burnt liq. so bad you wouldnt believe, sized unit 1/2 ton smaller, I did load and its to small, even with the right size condenser it was boardline using existing a/h. Guy got grease rust etc. all over rugs on top floor, and had a bunch of wire colors writing on cardboard with wire desg. like he had no idea what he was doing, he used the old disconnect (to big, and rotted out) i was replacing them with lic. electrician. Its getting tough with pricing out there, whats up with the economy, or just bad luck? But if the Gas Co. is doing jobs that cheap, good luck to the rest of us.