I was just informed by someone on the "inside loop" that my co-worker and I would be spliting the on call weekends from here on out.

Needless to say, we are greatly short handed!

During the week, techs are sent down to Austin from the home office in Dallas. One or two of them work a few days here with us. Then early on Friday ... they head for home.
This makes for a very dis-jointed work week.

I am trying to be a positive person. But I know the way I am when I dont get much sleep. I'm grouchier than Dice!
And I dont want to be that way.

Why ... one night I was so grouchy... they called me oput late to this store for their FF lineup and when I got there, (this was suposed to be an emergency requiring immediate response), they were unloading all the cases!
Couldnt this have waited until morning???

There I was, with my tools and my rope in that shopping cart ... staring at all that food being unloaded from the cases. I began looking UP at the ceiling.
I found my thoughts were focusing on anything suitable for attaching my rope to.

I got over it.
It is not the real me.
I was just reacting, instead of responding. I wasnt being my normal rational self. You know ... the guy who thinks of options and solutions to every problem.

I guess I've just gota grow up and bite the bullet. Since nobody wants to come work for us, for reasons listed in other threads, this summer is going to be a bugger.

I made my concerns known to the man who informed me of this critical situation. He asked why I was bothered by it.

Well duh???

I wonder if any company facing a simular shortage of manpower has considered using some of it's resources just for overtime and weekend calls?
I mean, have guys who just do the dirty work.

I'm being told that Dallas guys are getting forty onthe weekends sometimes.
FORTY HOURS over the weekend? Are they kidding?

Heck, even the Army didnt treat their mules like that during world war one!!!

If this is the way market work is done, then say so and I'll get a grip.
But if this is not the way your company treats it's employee's .. and you have a viable sugestion or two ... then please say so.