another lennox 2 speed HS26 series 6 years old , coil just out of warranty. leaking on the left hand side where the tubes go through the tube sheet. can't count how many this is over the last couple of years. so many warranty coils that they don't want them sent back any more . for a while just cut out the leaking piece and send it back and I don't think they even want that any more. the HS14 , 21's and 29's i think all have the same problems. my question is how can lennox get away with this? obviously a BIG problem. why hasn't there been a class action suit against them or something? as we all know it is expensive equipment but as for quality they are a piece of sh**. but it doesn't seem that factory has done anything to improve them. I been doing hvac work for over 20 years and i can count on one hand the number of other brand equipment cond coils i have replaced because of leaking. lennox? it would take all of my fingers and toes and a few more to count all of the one's over the last 2 years. wazzup lennox?