However a friend at a local racetrack asked me to look at his. It was making ice in the beginning of the week. Now it is not. This is my only info:

Make: Ice O Matic(a Welbilt Co.?)

Model #- C50HAPB

Refrigerant- 502

Running pressures- Lowside-35PSIG

The compressor runs and the tube into the evaporator starts to get cold. After running a minute or so I hear a click or something that sounds like a solenoid firing. Now the same tube that was cold is now starting to get hot.

My first guess this has something to do with warming up the grid so the cubes will drop down.

I took the top of the unit off and noticed a general purpose valve made by JACKES-EVANS.

I am guessing this is a hot gas bypass valve(no clue)

While I had the top off, the compressor kept running for about 10 minutes and actually started to make ice.

However after I buttoned everything back up it went back to chilling for one minute, solenoid firing, warming up for a minute etc.

Does any of this make sense to anyone? What the hell is going on?