We had someone play a practical joke on our P/M salesman and he went balistic. It was a harmless prank and he over reacted and wants someone fired over it. He interupted a meeting that I was in with 6 service techs to say that someone in the room had done this terrible thing to him and he was pissed! I got right in his face and defended the guys and asked what proof he had. He had none. We got into a shouting match I damn near punched him out.

The prank was that someone had put a panduit strap on his drive shaft and left a long tail on it. In an effort to locate the noise he removed his right rear wheel and happen to see the strap hanging down. He was so pissed that he forgot to tighten his lug nuts and almost lost the wheel on the way home. If never fell off and no harm was done.

The GM is interviewing everyone to try to figure out who done it. So far its a mystery but he is sure its a service tech.

But talk about over reacting. You would think someone slashed all four of his tires.